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Episode 1: What is This Podcast All About?

You deserve to live your best life! This podcast is all about moving the barrier that stand in your way.

Episode 2: The Fear of Failure

Failure is necessary to grow, but when we tell ourselves that failure is not an option, we take away our ability to be our best. On this episode, we discuss three things you can do right now to start changing your narrative.

Episode 3: A Perfect Storm: The Relationship Between Anxiety and Perfectionism.

In this episode, Monica interviews Andrea Zellner, PhD in Educational Psychology and lifelong Perfectionist Learn about how to recognize perfectionism and learn strategies to avoid going down the rabbit hole.

Episode 4: Nine Signs You Might  Be  a Perfectionist

 Perfectionism is thought of as the need to be without flaw, but is it more than that?  Join Monica in this episode of The MindGal Podc​​​​ast as we talk more about what perfectionism is, and the 9 signs that you might be a perfectionist. 

Episode 5: Perfectionism and the College Admissions Scandal

The recent Hollywood College Admissions scandal has brought to the forefront the high stakes we place on achievement. Is this really worth it, and what is this doing to our kids? 

Episode 6: Anxiety is Like the Frenemy You Can't Get Rid Of

Monica talks about how anxiety has become our closest Frenemy. Like the raggedy old blanket that no longer provides warmth,  yet has become a part of us.  Why are we so reluctant to get rid of it, and does it provide us any value?

Episode 7: Three Ways to Calm Anxiety

Anxiety comes along at our most defenseless moments. Listen to this week’s episode to learn three sure-fire ways to calm anxiety and stress.

Episode 8: Great Expectations

Are your expectations too high? Do you feel like a failure if you fall short of everything on your to-do list? Listen to this episode to learn how to set attainable goals and realistic expectations.

Episode 9: Sorry/Not Sorry. Four  Ways to Stop Apologizing and Start Empowering

How often do you say you're sorry when you're really not? On this episode, we explore the situations when we mis-use the "I'm sorry" and talk about what to say in its place

Episode 10: The Pretzel: Life with Anxiety. An Interview with Lisa Lark

On this episode, Monica interviews lifelong friend and anxiety sufferer, Lisa Lark. Lisa describes her experience with anxiety from the time she was in 3rd grade when a pretzel ruined her day.

Episode 11: The Three Things You Should Absolutely Never Say to Someone Experiencing Anxiety

This episode takes you through 3 things not to say to someone living with anxiety and what to say in their place. You don't want to miss this one!

Episode 12: Negativity Bias

Negativity Bias is our propensity to lean toward the negative. On this episode, Monica gives 3, easy things you can do right now to lessen your negativity bias' impact on your life.

Episode 13: 4 Ways to Challenge Fixating Thoughts

As anxiety does, it creates an unsettling atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. As we try desperately to find control in these situations, our mind will often fixate on something, usually something that is completely out of our control. on this episode, Monica walks you through 4 things you can put into place right now to stop the mental fixation!

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Episode 14: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

In this episode, we explore what imposter syndrome is, how it manifests, and how to conquer it. 

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Episode 15: Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse. Listen to this episode to learn about the 11 warning signs that you might be dealing with a gaslighter.

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Episode 16: 3 Ways to Silence the Haters

We all have those people in our lives that seem to hate us for no reason. Find out how to silence their voices.

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Episode 17: 3 Ways to Manage Worry

Sometimes our worried thoughts get the better of us. Listen to this episode to find out how to manage your worry in 3, easy steps.

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Episode 18: Are you a people pleaser?

In this episode, we learn about the signs that you might be a people pleaser, and what to do about it. To take a quiz to find out if you are a people pleaser, click here

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Episode 19: The 3 Things You Need to Know About Fear

Fear. We all have experienced it. Some of us let it show up and let it pass. Others fester on it until it develops into a full-blown anxiety attack. On today's short podcast episode, you will learn about 3 things you need to know about fear, and be given some tools to help you face your own fears.

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Episode 20: Cognitive Distortions

We all have them, those messages in our head telling us all the negative things about ourselves. They're called cognitive distortions. On this episode, I will explain 15 cognitive distortions that inhibit a growth mindset and stunt our personal growth. 

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Episode 21: Breathzone: An interview with Rebecca Kordecki

On this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing trainer, Rebecca Kordecki,Transformational Life Coach and Breathwork Coach. Rebecca is also the creater and founder of Flip Your S.W.I.T.C.H and Breathzone.

Listen in and discover how you can get access to all of Rebecca's wonderful programs! See the information below to learn more about Rebecca Kordecki, or to follow her on instagram.



Follow Rebecca on Instagram: @rebeccakordecki

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