Episode #2: The Fear of Failure

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On this week’s episode, we talk about failure and what it means to us. Why are we so afraid of failure? What are the stories we are telling ourselves about what failure and fear mean, and is it possible to change?

Everyone has a story. We have the story that is reality, and the story that we tell ourselves. The story that we tell ourselves trumps the reality every.time. The idea of what failure is, is not an exception. If you are living with anxiety, you probably have already told yourself the story that failure is not an option. Failure at something means failure as a person. It is that story that keeps you from taking the risk, and keeps you in the bubble of safety.

The key is to change your story about failure. Instead of seeing it as an absolute that encompasses every part of your being, look at it as one step closer to success. I do not know many people who have succeeded without double amount of failures. But we don’t talk about the failures, and that is why we feel so badly about ourselves when we find ourselves failing.

Some things you can do to help change your failure story:

  1. Embrace the failure. It is getting you one step closer to your success
  2. You are not a failure as a person. You tried something, and you didn’t succeed. That is it. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
  3. Ask yourself what failure means to you. What kind of person does it make you? Your answer is probably negative. Change the narrative. Turn it around. Failure means you tried. You have gumption. Resilience. You got in the arena, which is more than a lot of people do.

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