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Three Easy Ways to Stop Your Brain from Being a Jerk

  Brains are jerks. I have lived most of my adult life fighting my brain. It tells me that I can’t do something, or that I should be afraid, or that I am not worthy. In relationships, I would call this abusive and tell the person to get out immediately. I can’t escape my brain, […]

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How to Use the Practice of Gratitude to Ease Anxiety

The following article is written by Angelina Anzalone, creator of For more information about Angelina, including how you can follow her, please read the author notes at the end of the article   Most, if not all of us are familiar with the jerk we like to call anxiety. Anxiety is a bully in every sense […]

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The Best Way to Overcome Anxiety

While you are a person who lives with anxiety, you are a person first. This messaging is important. Stop describing yourself as an anxious person. Doing this gives all your control over to something other than yourself.

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