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My First Panic Attack: Tales of Infertility and Adoption

Panic attacks are like migraines. Until you have one, you cannot possibly understand what they feel like. If you find it possible to carry on about your day with a migraine, then you might just have a bad headache. Equally, if you are able to name what is triggering you in the midst of the attack, you are probably experiencing anxiety.

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A Perfect Storm: The Relationship Between Anxiety and Perfectionism

On this episode, Monica interviews Andrea Zellner, doctorate in Educational Psychology, to discuss the idea of perfectionism. Often a label of success, perfectionism is actually a spoke in the wheel of anxiety. Andrea shares with us her relationship with perfectionism, and traces it back to her elementary days when she was told she had test anxiety in second grade. Topics include the underlying issues surrounding the need to be perfect, how parenthood exposes our insecurities, and ways to battle unhealthy belief pattern.

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Three Reasons We Fear Failure

Many of us fear failure, but do we really know why? This article gives some insight into why we might be so afraid to fail, along with some helpful resources.

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