About MindGal


Welcome to Mindgal, the anxiety and stress management website. While this site will speak mainly about panic attacks, anxiety symptoms, anxiety attacks, and anxiety cures, I will also be focusing on various obstacles that we face that interfere with our well-being.  

I am a licensed and nationally certified counselor, and have spent over 15 years working with people who suffer from anxiety and other barriers that block their ability to move forward. I also deal with anxiety on a personal level, and am fully aware as to how it can impact our lives. The personal posts that I will have on this site will be vulnerable and authentic; designed to give you a sense of relate-ability and normalcy in your own journey. I have also included evidence based articles, which will help you to navigate signs and symptoms, as well as possible cures.

Anxiety brings with it a broad definition, but it is very much a personal journey. While everyone’s anxiety manifests differently, everyone can relate to feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and frightened. Please consider joining me on our Facebook page by searching Mind Gal. This is intended to be a community of like-minded people suffering from various forms of anxiety or other obstacles.

The goal of this site is to bring knowledge to the areas of mental health that often go unnoticed or not talked about. I believe that bringing our struggles to life helps us to become more self-aware, which in turns empowers us to face our mountains and help others to move theirs.

Be sure to follow the social media pages on twitter, you tube and pinterest. I hope that you find this site to be useful in your journey. Please consider subscribing to our site by filling in the contact information located at the bottom of every page. Because I want to keep articles written relevant to the reader, please feel free to add comments about anything that you would like to learn more about.


Monica Pitek-Fugedi monica@mindgal.com