A Perfect Storm: The Relationship Between Anxiety and Perfectionism

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Perfectionism is a socially acceptable way to manage anxiety. But is it really something that we should be proud of? On this episode, Monica has a conversation with Andrea Zellner. Andrea holds a doctorate in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology with a concentration in research. She works to bring best practices to school districts throughout southeast Michigan. Andrea has struggled with anxiety and perfectionism all of her life, and has worked diligently to change her mindset and behaviors to live a more fulfilled life.

We discuss the idea of perfectionism. Often a label of success, perfectionism is actually a spoke in the wheel of anxiety. Andrea shares with us her relationship with perfectionism, and traces it back to her elementary days when it was first noticed. Topics include the underlying issues surrounding the need to be perfect, how parenthood exposes our insecurities, and ways to battle unhealthy belief pattern.

Andrea offers some excellent resources that she uses daily as a means to track her mood and thoughts, and has found that as she is weaning herself from medication, these resources have proven invaluable to her mindfulness journey. Also discussed is Panic Away, which is a program designed to help those who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks overcome their obstacles. Links to these resources can be found at the bottom of the this page.

Andrea lives with her twin boys, Zeke and Eddie, and her wife, Nat. If you like what you hear on this episode, please feel free to leave comments and subscribe to the Mindgal Podcast on itunes, spotify, or any of the podcast platforms.


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