9 Signs You Might Be a Perfectionist

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Perfectionism is thought of as the need to be without flaw, but is it more than that?  Join Monica in this episode of The MindGal Podcast as we talk more about what perfectionism is, and the 9 signs that you might be a perfectionist.

This week’s podcast is inspired by an article in Psychology Today. For the full article,  click here.

Perfectionism is a tricky trait. It is the socially acceptable way to wear our anxiety. It doesn’t always mean that you are a person that requires everything to be perfect. Perfectionism is also a fixed way of thinking about self, others, and events. Below are 9 signs that you might be a perfectionist.

1. You Think in all or nothing terms

2. You think and act in extremes

3. You can’t delegate, so you do all the work yourself.

4. You have demanding standards for yourself and others.

5. You have trouble completing a project because you always think it could be better.

6. You use the word “should” a lot.

7. Your self-confidence depends on what you accomplish and how other people respond.

8. You tend to fixate on something you messed up.

9. You procrastinate or avoid things where you might not excel

If you meet any of these criteria, you might be a perfectionist. Recognizing that it is the anxiety that is driving the need to be perfect will help you to target solutions to overcome this need. For resources and reviews that can help to battle anxiety, ​click here​​​




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